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Custom Software Solutions
Mobile App Development
WesterOps is generally a software house that caters to the application development needs of organizations and relatively large software companies.
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15 Year
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EVKAL Yazılım
Web Development
Custom Software Solutions
We`re here to deliver the digital experiences you need.
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Mobile App Development
Web Development
iOS (Swift, Objective C), Android (Android Java, Kotlin), Node.js, Javascript, Html, .Net, Php, AWS, Azure
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13 Year
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Mobile App Development
UX/UI Design
Appcent, has led the digital transformation of more than 50 Fortune 500 companies since 2013.
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Custom Software Solutions
Web Development
We develop web and mobile projects suitable for your business with our Development offices.
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After we entered our request in the field of software, we talked to many experienced software companies and finally a very successful business emerged.
Adnan Hacıbebekoğlu
General Manager,
Progem Consulting
Edvido offers an excellent service for your business partner search on digital platforms with unmatched speed and quality.
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Murat Tabaklar
Information Single Manager Assist.,
Küçükoğlu Holding
Get Quotes From Software Firms

What is Software?

Software is defined as a programming language that has written in computer language and provides specific missions to be done in electronic devices and computer. Specific codes provide every piece on electronic devices can contact and to do operations that has been asked. With software development electronic devices' functions have started to increase and make more efficient works. Software are made according to technological developments.

There are software systems specific to every electronic device. Software firms’ purpose is to increase efficiency while they program according to the work they have been doing. Software are done due to three different categories. These are desktop, mobile and web software. Software is also defined as a body of instruction which makes a lot of daily tasks easier. Specific software are developed and used for every sectors’ service type.

What Do Software Firms Do?

We name as software company to firms that develop programmes. These programmes make electronic devices that create processes and productions easier in variety sector, run. It develops programmes that have the capability of providing to do operations specific to a purpose for computers and mobile devices.


All of the technologic devices work according to commands in the coding system. Software firms usually make ready-made software package for sector’s and individual’s needs. Software firms make software according to needs of every electronic device. Variety programmes has begun to be used as the internet technology developed. Software companies make special works in the same line as customer request and needs. 

Software developers develop best software that can enough for current needs while they prepare new projects using their imagination, knowledge and talents. Every operation in every technologic device realizes through different software. In a lot of different field software firms can provide limitless services from web design to mobile apps and systems that enable the operation of some devices. Software firms, put forth software products appropriate for corporate and individual usage and capable of meeting the needs as doing mobile application programmes. 

What are the Advantages of Software Firms?

Variety software are needed by companies that plan to do different products in industrial sector. One of the most important things about developing software that will be used for producing process or make a new device run is working with a professional software firm. There are a lot of advantages to work with software firms, since they provide specific services for individual and corporate. 

Nowadays, internet has entered all the parts of life and can be used through mobile devices. That’s why businesses may need special software. Sector based programmes can be developed by software firms. Software firms also develop programmes in accounting, stock, sale, marketing and human sources according to firms’ needs. The biggest advantage of working with a software firm is that they provide software options that is required in a short time. Every software firm gives after-sale support services for their customers. Within the scope of this support, they work on developments to give a better service for project’s processes and companies’ needs. Firms use these software to be at the top against their competitors and to reach their target group easier.

Software firms making a great effort for companies to show their selves in the sector and to give more qualified and fruitful services. Software that has developed with special analyses and projects are ideal options to represent firms in a better way. When we look all sides of software firms, we can say that the benefits are limitless. 

Why Should Be Worked with a Software Firm?

Companies take advantage from services that software firms provide to increase their service options and existence in the sector. Companies should work with software firms to keep pace with technology and to provide customers’ requests. The continuity of software that used in service and product is important. Firms give priority to programs’ capability of getting improved and developing according to needs of project. 

That’s why sometimes they need expert software teams in firms’ structure. That means high cost. For lower cost and limitless support software firms’ services are needed. These can be told to explain why is it important to work with a software firm;

  • Take advantage of developing technology,
  • Add strength to the communication in the corporate-out of the corporate,
  • Decrease the production costs,
  • Do all the process faster and more safely,
  • Catch the growth rate,
  • Increase the spread,
  • Enhance the efficiency more,

All of these are works that every firm needs. You can see why you should prefer software firms as they develop programs specific to sectors’ and companies’ projects. Packaged software can be used by a lot of companies. However, after a while it appears that these readymade software are not enough for persistently arriving needs. Software firms can solve this problem by developing customer programs that can be edited due to needs.

How to Choose the Right Software Firm?

First of all, in order to grow your business and be more fruitful your choice should be professionally prepared one software program instead of different programs. You should pick the right software firm for your companies’ needs. Within the advancement of technology, a lot of different software firms appeared. Some criteria are really important for you to choose the right one beyond these firms.

The first thing you should do is to examine reference information. It is important to have knowledge about firms’ past projects. You can examine their projects in use. It is also important to check market channels and user comments if the software firm develop mobile application. These reviews will make it easier for you to choose the right and trustworthy firm.

Customer potential of software firms is a great way to see their services’ quality. You should definitely be aware if the software are individual or sectoral based. Possibility of effectuation of your requests and their solution offers should be all clean in your mind. If they have done similar projects before, efficiency and practicality of these projects help you to see how good they are.

You should have knowledge about firms’ programmers team, their professions and what programme language do they use so that you can choose the right and trustworthy software firm. Firm should give your project to regular staff and not to freelance programmers. For the continuity of the software and support services you take you, should make the right decision about the choice of a software firm.

2022 Software Firms Prices 2022

Companies have a significant budget for software they need. Software firms make price determination according to the size of the project. 2022 software prices can show an alteration according to the firm. Software firm’s expert team, the quality of their programs and support services are factors that change these prices.

Modules, designs, analysis works, the time that software takes and programmer’s experience are what a software firms pay attention while putting a price for the project. The most important factor to determine the price is what kind of software will be used. There are different prices for new software developments, existing software modification and software integration. Small, medium, large software types are what to pay attention while determining the price according to size of the software project. There are different price offers for mobile application.

Frequently Asked Questions About Software Firms

The most important subsection of IT is software firms that keep up with advancing technology and put one’s signature under different projects. IT software firms carry out customers’ requests and demands by doing genuine and esoteric designs. By taking SEO services in line with customers’ request, they provide firms to be at the top in Google exploration. Software firms that create easy interfaces, design with software coding and technologic devices by following innovations, give services in mobile and web software fields with working together with specialists and experts in one’s field.

Some software firms produce projects that are developed under favour of user-friendly interfaces for corporate firms. These software firms meet customers’ needs by web designs that bring firms’ corporate identity to forefront.

Great projects are served to customers in the most trustworthy way in firms which have professionals, experts in one’s field and a large of employee portfolio. 

In corporate firms’ web designs requested software are used and projects are produced. Software firms usually use systems that will be created by HTML, .NET, ASP.NET, PHP, Java Script, Flash web software.

Wieldy interfaces can be produced under favour of special coding and software that are improvable in line with corporate firms’ requests, by software firms in IT. 

Working with software firms has a lot of benefits. Long-term communication with software firms gives you the opportunity for establishing different connections. When the program needs any kind of development, working with the same firm provides comfort for both sides. 

You can see how good they have done by looking software firms getting regular customer and satisfaction of firms that took services.  

Which Services I Can Take from Software Firms?

A software firm is needed in health, education, marketing, entertainment sectors. One of the best examples about this topic is E-commerce. New systems are needed for today’s most popular system; E-commerce. Software firms are here to meet this need. 


There are different customer portfolios in every software firm. Some software firms serve to one sector and some firms serve to different sectors. Requests and demands that come to the firm affects their customer portfolio.

Software firms’ services:

  • Web software
  • Corporate SEO
  • E-commerce
  • Special software
  • Database software
  • Mobile applications
  • Corporate web designs

There are a lot of firms that just makes software for game sector. Some software firms make software for health or entertainment sectors. Every sector needs different requirements and needs. However, some software firms cannot make software that are enough for both these needs and requirements. 

Firms that give quality and professional services in the field they work in are famous software firms. Software firms’ customer portfolio prosper and they became leader in their field if they are experts, experienced and mastered their subject. 

Software firms’ employee number affects their products. Firms that want to spread their activities to extensive fields, should work with experts and experienced teams. 

If you want to see a firm’s greatness and power, you should check its stuff number. With the number of stuffs increases, work’s quality increases and the duration decreases.

Employees’ talents are the most important thing to reach success and they support firms in order to create difference in digital world. 

What Should I be Careful About While Choosing a Software Firm?

One thing you should be careful about most is budget. However, you should decide if the service you took needs updates according to project’s continuity, in order to choose a software development company. 

Every software firm has its own software development price. It depends on technologies they use, team and their talents, sector adaptation and delivery time. 

It is important to examine software firms’ works that they’ve made before and get information about their team, while you choose a software development firm. Continuity required projects need you to affiliate with the software development firm. Usually, software firms give education or consultancy services to firm that they served to according to the product or service they served.

Corporates that consider to work with a big software firm need to pay attention to some important topics. References are very important to choose a software firm.

Firms that have references and give quality and professional service in their field should be at the top while corporates make a list for software firms.

  • To do reference search
  • To communicate with the chosen firm
  • To choose the right customer representative
  • To pay attention to demo works that software firms have

Preferring the firms that have references has a great matter while researching for a software firm. Firms that are well-known, has a career and can attract with its references should be ahead of firms that do not have someone around you that they’ve worked with.

After all these researches, you should meet in person with chosen firms. Face to face meetings give trust to both sides and provide more comprehensible communication about works that are going to be done.

It gives distrust when software firms decline their customers request. That’s why most of the software firms give importance to customer’s requests. 

Customer representatives in software firms communicate with companies. For this reason, customer representatives should be ahead of the curve, give understandable and acceptable answers to questions and can easily understand customer’s requests.

Services’ scope affects software firms’ prices.

Both corporate and individual customers are software companies’ customers. According to customers’ requests, professional web design, mobile site, mobile app development prices, channel or dashboard services change. 

That’s why software firms’ prices change as the process changes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Software Development 

What is Software Development?

Software development is creating software components, development processes. Every field with computer aided needs software development. Every day software development firms reproduce within the usage of internet and technology need in software. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Customer Software Solutions

As the technology develops and the competition in digital increases, all of the companies want to protect their position and get one step ahead. A company should provide solutions for intracompany problems and perform works for intra company needs in order to get one step ahead and be the most preferred company for its customers. Readymade software may not be the solution for these kinds of situations. 

Customer software solutions can be the best choice for these intracompany disagreements. Companies should make process without problem with software solutions that are proper for needs in order to be faster, please their customers and enhance their customer’s brand awareness. Company achieves to make a great place in the market. 

Customer software is software that are developed specifically for a company’s intracompany problems and needs. 

It aims to solve problems inclusively by developing special software development for problems and needs. In this way company can make more fruitful works in less time.

If the company do not have a team that can develop these customer software developments for their specific problems and needs, company can make an agreement with leading consultancy companies and customer software firms.

What Are the Customer Software Types?

Systems that can be applied in multiple fields such as;

  • Desktop and server software
  • Web based and mobile (IOS/Android based) application software
  • Project management
  • Database design and solutions
  • Business intelligence
  • Erp integration and reporting applications
  • Production storage field automatization systems
  • Telemetry applications
  • Customer software solutions

Frequently Asked Questions About E-Commerce Software

What’s the importance of web software in e-commerce?

Answer is very simple: “Web software is really important in e-commerce.”. Since you do not have a physical store, web site is the only way to communicate with your customers. This web site’s quality, product images and social media support are topics that you should give priority. 

What are the services that e-commerce firms provide?

E-Commerce firms can give all kind of services related to e-commerce. If we put in a row; site design, category management, product photo shoot, social media management, advertising consultancy… E-Commerce firms usually do all of the works in digital so that you do not have to do anything.

What are the advantages of e-commerce software firms?

When a company wants to meet with the digital world, they should meet with an e-commerce software firm first. In this way company can work with experts and experienced teams. It provides convenience for company to make this work done without organizing an e-commerce team.

It is very recommended to work with an e-commerce firm, especially if you are a company that do not have any experience in digital.

Consequently, there is a very fast digitalization in Turkey. In this new Turkey, e-commerce became more important than physical shopping for companies.  It is clear that almost every retail firm tries to enter e-commerce world. In this transition, e-commerce software firms will play great roles without any doubt.

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