Logo Design Examples for Startups | 200+ Logos

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Logo Design Examples for Startups | 200+ Logos

Logo Examples of Billion Dollar Startups

We have analyzed interesting and creative logo design examples of the most successful and high-quality startups in the world and the stories behind these logo designs too. As Edvido, we help you create a strong brand image on your way to grow your business and market your brand to a wider audience. If you are looking for a logo design that suits your brand's sector and your target audience, you can get help from Edvido. To have an original logo designed specifically for your brand, you can choose the most suitable agency for you by browsing the list of the 50 best graphic agencies.


Logo of the AirBnb

It is an accommodation app where homeowners rent you a room or a whole house for a certain period of time in any city or country you are in.

Colors: #FF5A5F


Logo of the Amplitude Company

An American company that creates and develops software for digital analytics.

Colors: #007fd2


Logo of the Algolia

Algolia enables users to have an effective and fast search and ranking experience across websites, mobile apps and other platforms.

Colors: #5468ff


Logo of the Atombank

Atombank is a retail bank established in the United Kingdom in 2013. Launched exclusively for mobile devices, Atombank offers its customers a truly digital banking experience.

Colors: rgba(60, 16, 83, 0.95)


Logo of the Blablacar

It is an organization that allows drivers traveling between cities and passengers who want to go to the same destination to share the cost of the journey.

Colors: rgb(0, 143, 193)


Logo of the Canva

Canva is a graphic design platform where users can create social media content, presentations, videos and other visual content.

Colors: #00c4cc


Logo of the Checkr

It is a software development company established for the purpose of verifying the information on the CVs of job applicants during the recruitment phase of the employer.

Colors: rgb(4, 63, 147)


Logo of the Coinbase

It is a digital currency wallet and platform where users make transactions with cryptocurrencies.

Colors: rgb(0, 57, 215)


Logo of the Discord

It is a social communication platform where communities can come together to share audio, video, text, and documents.

Colors: #7289DA


Logo of the Docker

It is a software platform for organizing, testing and deploying applications.

Colors: #007bff


Logo of the Doordash

Doordash is a logistics and technology company that offers food delivery services from restaurants to homes and businesses.

Colors: rgb(235, 23, 0)


Logo of the Dropbox

It is a data storage platform that allows users to host their files on their devices in a database in the cloud.

Colors: #0d2f81


Logo of the Epicgames

Epic Games is a video game production and development company and one of the biggest names in its field.


Logo of the Exelixis

It is a biotechnology research and oncology company working on the development and commercialization of new medicines for cancer patients.

Colors: #fc4c02


Logo of the Freshworks

Designs simple and applicable customer service software for businesses.

Ginko Bioworks

Logo of the Ginko Bioworks

Large and specialized biotechnology company engaged in various biological studies.

Colors: #449980


Logo of the GitLab

It is a web-based open source code repository and software development platform for code development, auditing and tracking.

Colors: #fa7035


Logo of the Grab

Grab is a technology company providing transportation, food delivery and financial services.

Colors: #00b14f


Logo of the Grammarly

It was created to correct grammatical errors and is now preparing to help users edit their texts through artificial intelligence with an extension under development called GrammarlyGO.

Colors: #15c39a



A platform where small businesses can manage their employees' salary, payroll and leave processes from a single source.

Colors: #f45d48


Logo of the Instacart

A website and app that delivers your groceries to your door on the same day.

Colors: rgb(67, 176, 42)


Logo of the Juul

It is an American company that produces electronic cigarettes and liquids.

Colors: #000


Logo of the Klarna

An e-commerce company that improves users' shopping experiences and creates flexible solutions in favor of customers in payment transactions.


Logo of the Lime

It is the world's largest shared electric vehicle company.

Colors: #0d0


Logo of the Messagebird

A communication platform that makes communication between businesses and their customers simple and fast.

Colors: rgb(0, 137, 255)


Logo of the Monzo

A fintech that offers you a transparent banking service to manage your spending.

Colors: #145d8e


Logo of the Netskope

It is a global cybersecurity platform providing cloud, data and network security services.

Colors: #f57e20


Logo of the Optimizely

Optimizely is a software company that offers A/B testing and multivariate testing tools.

Colors: rgba(0,0,0,.8)


Logo of the Coursera

It is a popular organization where you can get online training for free.

Colors: #2073d4


Logo of the Plangrid

A platform for making 3D drawings that offers features and tools for creating, developing and tracking projects in the construction industry.

Colors: #005f9e


Logo of the Qualcomm

A company offering various products and services for wireless communication technologies and mobile devices.

Colors: #005f9e


Logo of the Quora

It is an information and content sharing platform where users can ask questions and get answers from experts in their field.

Colors: #b92b27


Logo of the Rappi

Rappi is a delivery company based in Colombia and operates in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay.

Colors: #f75d63


Logo of the Reddit

It is a globally popular social media platform for publishing content, discussion, communication and community building.

Colors: #ff4500


Logo of the Argo AI

It is a software and artificial intelligence company working on autonomous driving technologies.

Colors: #00767f


Logo of the Segment

It is a customer data platform that simplifies data collection from users across digital assets.

Colors: #52bd95


Logo of the Spacex

It is a space transportation company founded by Elon Musk.

Colors: #0b0b0b


Logo of the Spotify

It is a globally popular digital music platform offering music and podcast content.

Colors: #1DB954


Logo of the Stripe

It is a financial services company that makes it easy to receive payments over the internet.

Colors: #6772e5


Logo of the Trivago

It is a search engine that compares accommodation prices and offers from many different websites around the world.

Colors: #007fad


Logo of the Twitch

A social media and live video streaming platform where users can share the game they are playing live.

Colors: #9147ff


Logo of the Udemy

A platform offering online courses for adults and students taught by expert volunteer trainers.

Colors: #ec5252


Logo of the UI Path

It is a software company that controls the operation of processes and ensures the operation of robotic process software whose development is completed.

Colors: #ff6900


Logo of the Unity

It is a cross-platform game engine used to develop video games and simulations for computers, consoles and mobile devices.

Colors: #000


Logo of the Zomato

It is a platform that allows users to access restaurant menus, review customer reviews and order food.

Colors: #cb202d

Custom Logo Examples Compiled from Companies Listed on the American Stock Exchange (Nasdaq)

Nasdaq, the largest stock exchange in the world, is one of the most important global stock exchanges. It includes many world giants such as Microsoft, Apple, Intel, Oracle. Examining the logos of big companies in this market will help you find a logo design idea specific to your business.


Logo of the Blizzard

Technology company that creates and develops video games.

Colors: #0e86ca


Logo of the Brex

Financial services and technology company offering business credit cards and cash management accounts to technology companies.

Colors: #E9794B


Logo of the Cisco

Multinational information technology and network equipment company.

Colors: #00bceb


Logo of the Cognizant

It is an information technology services and consulting company that provides information technology services and consultancy to its clients on topics such as digital transformation and technology services.

Colors: #0033a0


Logo of the Comcast

It is a media and telecommunications company providing cable television, internet and telephone services.


Logo of the Digital-ally

Security and video analytics company that produces body cameras, video and audio recording systems for law enforcement, emergency services and other security agencies.

Colors: #AB162B


Logo of the Discovery Media

It is a global media company that produces and distributes television channels and digital content.

Colors: #0090c5


Logo of the ebay

It is the world's largest online auction platform and one of the largest e-commerce companies.

Colors: #E53238, #0064D2, #F5AF02, #86B817


Logo of the Expedia

It is a search and booking platform that offers users travel services such as flight tickets, hotel reservations, vacation packages.

Colors: #00355F


Logo of the FuelCell Energy

It is an energy company that develops and produces fuel cell technology.

Colors: #1b429a


Logo of the Gilead

A research-based biotechnology and pharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery and development of innovative medicines, particularly in the field of viruses and infectious diseases.

Colors: #c73442


Logo of the Glu

It is a mobile game development company that develops various games and applications for mobile devices.

Colors: #414141


Logo of the Intel

It is a leading technology company in computer and data processing technologies, manufacturing and designing computer microprocessors, chipsets, integrated circuits and various computer components.

Colors: #0071c5


Logo of the LivePerson

A technology company providing customer service and digital engagement solutions.

Colors: #f47920


Logo of the Microsoft

Large technology company that produces, develops and sells computer software, hardware and other technology products.

Colors: #F25022, #7FBA00, #00A4EF #FFB900


Logo of the Mylan Medikal

Company operating in the health and medical sector.

Colors: #00b5e6


Logo of the Netflix

Netflix, the subscription-based global digital streaming platform, offers its users the opportunity to watch a wide range of TV series, movies, documentaries and more.

Colors: #E50914


Logo of the Nuance

Technology company that markets artificial intelligence, speech recognition and other language processing technologies.


Logo of the Nvidia

Technology company specializing in graphics processors (GPU) and artificial intelligence processors (AI).

Colors: #76b900


Logo of the Patterson-UTI

Energy company providing various services for the oil and gas industry.

Colors: #E11F27


Logo of the Starbucks

It is a US-based coffee shop chain and manufacturer of coffee products.

Colors: #E11F27

Logo Examples of Successful Startups in Turkey

Find inspiration by examining the logos of successful startups in our country that have made a name for themselves in many different sectors such as IT, engineering, marketing and communication.


Logo of the App Samurai

An app marketing platform that helps mobile app developers market their apps and attract new users.

Colors: #000075


Logo of the Apsiyon

It is a software platform that provides digital assistance to managers of collective living spaces.

Colors: #28ace8


Logo of the Armut

It is a platform where service providers in a wide and diverse range of fields such as home services, event services, etc. can reach their customers and bid on job requests.

Colors: #b4ff6e


Logo of the Bionluk

It is a freelance marketplace that connects freelancers with suitable businesses.

Colors: #e63262


Logo of the Bitaksi

A transportation platform where you can call a taxi via smart devices with an internet connection.

Colors: #ffc600


Logo of the Bundle

A news application where you can access the latest news from various media organizations on a single platform.

Colors: #eb2737


Logo of the Connected2me

A social networking platform that allows users to chat anonymously with other users.

Colors: #3D3D50


Logo of the Denebunu

It is a platform where you can review the products of world-famous brands, try them before you buy them and share their comments.

Colors: #78c5ce


Logo of the English Ninjas

A language learning platform where you can take online lessons and practice with native speakers from your smart devices.

Colors: #1b5eac


Logo of the Evdekibakıcım

A platform that provides babysitting and home services such as babysitting, play sister, house cleaning.

Colors: rgb(231, 57, 86)


Logo of the Evidea

E-commerce platform offering products in various categories such as home decoration and home textiles for home life.

Colors: #ff6804


Logo of the Evreka

It is a technology company operating in the fields of environment and waste management.

Colors: #3ba935


Logo of the Fazla Gıda

Company established to prevent excess food waste and to provide and disseminate waste management.

Colors: #119069


Logo of the Foriba

A company that provides e-invoicing and e-transformation solutions to companies.

Colors: #1a73e8


Logo of the Getir

A platform that offers users grocery shopping and food delivery from restaurants in as little as 10 minutes.

Colors: #5D3EBC


Logo of the Gram Games

It is a game studio that develops mobile games.

Colors: rgba(0,0,0,.7)


Logo of the Insıder

Software platform that gives enterprise marketers insights into customer data and enables personalization of customer experiences.

Colors: #2d2d41


Logo of the Iyzico

A company that provides payment infrastructure and services for online shopping sites and various digital platforms.

Colors: #00bbd3


Logo of the Kolay İk

It is a cloud-based personnel management software that manages HR processes with a single software and aims to make them efficient.

Colors: #0396F4


Logo of the Kolektifhouse

It offers workspaces and office solutions for all kinds of businesses, from entrepreneurs to global companies.

Colors: #333


Logo of the Manibux

It is a parental-controlled system where young people and children under the age of 18 can manage their pocket money and control it instantly.

Colors: #8300e9


Logo of the Vispera

It is a computing and artificial intelligence company that provides solutions to companies in the retail sector for automatic product recognition and inventory management using advanced image processing and artificial intelligence technologies.

Colors: #fcb925


Logo of the Meditopia

It is a mental health app that offers meditation practices to help users cope with everyday stress and anxiety.

Colors: #2c74f4


Logo of the Modacruz

It is an online fashion shopping platform for buying and selling second-hand clothing.

Colors: #2c74f4


Logo of the Modanisa

It is a fashion and shopping platform that offers products especially focused on hijab clothing.

Colors: #ff6f38


Logo of the Mutlubiev

Online platform offering professional cleaning services.

Colors: #f9423a


Logo of the Nanortopedi

Technology and research and development company that produces medical solutions for the needs of various patient groups.

Colors: #002699


Logo of the Endeksa

It is a technology company working on real estate valuation, location data analysis, analyzing and predicting market trends.



Logo of the obilet

It is an online bus, flight, hotel and ferry ticket comparison and purchase platform.

Colors: #d23b38


Logo of the Onedio

Social media platform offering content on a variety of topics such as current news, articles on interesting topics, videos, fun quizzes, etc.


Logo of the Opsgenie

It is a notification platform that provides tools for companies' operations teams to analyze and report incident management processes.

Colors: #0052CC


Logo of the Osteoid

Software and technology company that designs orthopedic devices and custom corsets for patients.

Colors: #464646


Logo of the Paraşüt

It is an accounting and financial management company with a particular focus on small and medium-sized businesses.

Colors: #ef4331


Logo of the Peakgames

A gaming and technology company that develops and publishes mobile games.

Colors: #b12028


Logo of the Pisano

A feedback platform that measures customer experience and offers solutions to improve it.

Colors: #17cc7b


Logo of the Proente

A company that produces products and modules in the field of automation that strives to increase productivity by offering industry 4.0 solutions to factories.

Colors: #148c00


Logo of the Pubinno

İçecek dağıtım sektöründe yenilikçi teknolojiler üreterek tasarrufu artırmaya çalışan teknoloji şirketi.

Colors: #bd3042


Logo of the Reztoran

Çevrimiçi olarak restoran rezervasyonu yapmanızı sağlayan bir teknoloji şirketidir.

Colors: #f06


Logo of the Rofoods

Uygulama üzerinden sıra beklemeden çeşitli gıda ürünleri satın alabilmenizi sağlayan platform.

Colors: #fa9c2e


Logo of the Scoutium

It is a digital football scouting platform that helps football clubs recruit new players and gives amateur footballers the opportunity to present their talents and get various opportunities.

Colors: #12c990


Logo of the Segmentify

It is an artificial intelligence-based software company for personalizing the online customer experience.

Colors: #d61f27


Logo of the Supplementler.com

A company that sells sports nutrition and supplements.

Colors: #08c


Logo of the Tapu.com

A platform where you can buy and sell real estate online and view housing, land and other real estate advertisements.

Colors: #0074e4


Logo of the Tarentum

Technology company providing artificial intelligence solutions to companies.


Logo of the Teleporter

Social VR platform that brings together gamers from all over the world.

Colors: #18cfc4


Logo of the V-Count

A technology company that collects and analyzes data on customer behavior, especially in the retail sector.

Colors: #0080c6


Logo of the Verisun

A company that works on smart city technologies and provides solutions.


Logo of the Vidyou

It is a data-driven instant video content creation platform for digital marketing teams.

Colors: #6526d8


Logo of the Voltlines

The company that digitizes personnel service.

Colors: #ff5b13


Logo of the Zeplin

The company that helps simplify collaboration between designers and software developers.

Logo Examples Compiled from Companies Listed on the Turkish Stock Exchange (Bist100)

You can find new ideas for your own business by examining the logos of big companies in our country's market. You can download different logo examples prepared by boutique agencies for corporate companies in vector, psd and png formats.


Logo of the Adana Çimento

Adana-based cement production and sales company.

Colors: #e96151


Logo of the Akbank

One of Turkey's leading banks providing financial services.

Colors: #ee3124


Logo of the Akenerji

Energy company engaged in electricity generation and wholesale energy trade.

Colors: #00468c


Logo of the Akfen Gayrimenkul Yatırım Ortaklığı

A company that invests in companies operating in the real estate sector.

Colors: #d42637


Logo of the Alarko Holding

Holding operating in a wide range of fields such as energy, industry, finance, contracting and tourism.

Colors: #ed1c2e


Logo of the Anadolu Cam

Company producing various glass products and glass packaging.


Logo of the Anadolu Efes

A company that produces mainly beer and alcoholic beverages.

Colors: #004b8d


Logo of the Anadolu Grubu

Turkish holding with interests in beer, soft drinks, retail, agriculture, automotive, stationery and energy.

Colors: #e21010


Logo of the Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik Sigorta

Turkey's first life insurance company offering pension insurance and private pension plans.

Colors: #0066b3


Logo of the Arçelik

Turkey-based company engaged in the production and sale of white goods and technological goods.

Colors: #ed1c24


Logo of the ARD Grup Holding

Information technology company that produces technological solutions for the needs of different sectors such as law, health, logistics, cyber security and finance.

Colors: #003164


Logo of the ASELSAN

Askeri Elektronik Sanayi, or ASELSAN, is a defense industry company providing services in the field of defense industry and security technologies.

Colors: rgba(27,39,53,.97)


Logo of the Aygaz

Turkey's leading fuel company engaged in the distribution, stocking and supply of LPG.

Colors: #007bc5


Logo of the Aytemiz

A company operating in the distribution and marketing of petroleum products.

Colors: #d02420


Logo of the BAGFAŞ

Bandırma Gübre Fabrikaları A.Ş. is a fertilizer producer company that produces and distributes various types of fertilizers.

Colors: #ed5441


Logo of the Bak Ambalaj

Packaging company focusing on dry and powdered food products.

Colors: #af2c36


Logo of the Beşiktaş

It is a sports club and sports organization company founded in 1903 in Istanbul.

Colors: #212121


Logo of the BİM

Birleşik Mağazalar A.Ş. is Turkey's largest company in the retail sector.

Colors: #ff0000


Logo of the Bizim

Wholesale company selling products in categories such as food, beverages, cleaning and personal care.

Colors: #ed232a


Logo of the Borusan

Holding operating in steel, distributorship, energy and logistics.

Colors: rgb(247, 95, 18)


Logo of the Boyner

Retails textiles, clothing, cosmetics, home decor and other products.

Colors: #f22613


Logo of the Brisa

Company operating in the tire and retread industry.

Colors: #004b93


Logo of the Çelebi Havacılık

Istanbul-based company providing aviation services.

Colors: #53c7ea, #007da7


Logo of the Çimbeton

Produces and sells ready-mixed concrete, bagged cement and lime.

Colors: #931F39


Logo of the ÇİMSA

Company producing cement and building materials.


Logo of the Dagi

Textile company that produces and sells products in the ready-to-wear sector.

Colors: #000


Logo of the Dardanel

Food company producing seafood, frozen food, canned food and ready meals as main products.

Colors: #00558b, #e2211c


Logo of the Deva

Pharmaceutical and healthcare company.

Colors: #303233


Logo of the Doğan Holding

Holding operating in various sectors such as energy, iron and steel industry, fuel, automotive, finance and real estate.

Colors: #16509f

In this section, you can find logo examples compiled from companies serving in the restaurant cafe, construction and real estate, transportation, automotive, food and hospital sectors.


Logo of the Doğuş Otomotiv

An automotive company that carries out authorized sales and service of various international brands.

Colors: #5590cf


Logo of the Eczacıbaşı

The community provides services in various fields such as building materials, healthcare, consumer products, and financial services.


Logo of the Ege Gübre

A company that produces and markets various types of fertilizers in the agricultural sector.


Logo of the Emlak Konut

A real estate investment trust company engaged in housing production.


Logo of the ENKA İnşaat

The company operates in various fields such as industrial construction, infrastructure construction, energy, real estate and logistics.

Colors: #025e9e


Logo of the Erdemir

A company established to produce flat steel.

Colors: #ee3123


Logo of the Fenerbahçe

Founded in 1907 in Istanbul, it is a sports club and sports organization company.


Logo of the Ford Otosan

Commercial vehicle production company in the Turkish automotive industry.

Colors: #003363


Logo of the Garanti BBVA

Large privately-owned bank offering a wide range of financial services.

Colors: #167d12


Logo of the Global Yatırım

Holding operating in the fields of energy, finance, real estate and mining, especially in port management.


Logo of the Goodyear

It is a tire manufacturer based in the USA.

Colors: #0e487b, #fd0


Logo of the GÖLTAŞ

One of Turkey's leading private sector cement plants.

Colors: #44b6b5, #2d1670


Logo of the Galatasaray

Founded in 1905 in Istanbul, it is a sports club and sports organization company.


Logo of the Gübretaş

A company that supplies chemical fertilizer inputs to the agricultural sector.

Colors: #06304f


Logo of the Halkbank

It is Turkey's largest public bank.

Colors: #1b6fb5


Logo of the Hürriyet

A company that provides services in the fields of journalism and printing and publishes daily newspapers.

Colors: #ee1c25


Logo of the Türkiye İş Bankası

Turkey's leading private bank offering retail and commercial banking services.

Colors: #013682


Logo of the Işıklar holding

Holding company operating in the fields of industry and energy.

Colors: #666


Logo of the İttifak Holding

Trade organization serving in retail, food, construction, machinery and livestock sectors.

Colors: #df2d2d


Logo of the İzmir Demir Çelik Sanayi

Company serving in the iron and steel industry.

Colors: #474f9d


Logo of the Kardemir

Karabük Iron and Steel Factories, Turkey's first heavy industry factory, produces iron and steel.


Logo of the Kartonsan

Cardboard packaging manufacturer company.

Colors: #19458D


Logo of the Koç Holding

The conglomerate operates primarily in energy, finance, consumer durables and automotive.

Colors: FF3333


Logo of the Konya Çimento

A company engaged in the production and sale of cement.


Logo of the Menderes Tekstil

Company serving in the home textile industry.

Colors: #00b5cb


Logo of the Metro Turizm

Intercity bus company based in Turkey.

Colors: #1e3362, #fd8300


Logo of the Migros Ticaret A.Ş

It is one of the largest retail chains in Turkey.

Colors: #f58220


Logo of the Mondi Mobilya

Company producing and supplying packaging and paper.

Colors: #f58220


Logo of the Mutlu akü

Company engaged in the production of accumulators and lead derivatives.

Colors: #ec1d23


Logo of the Netaş Bilişim ve Mühendislik

Netaş Bilişim Teknolojileriileri A.Ş. is an information technology company operating in telecommunications and information technologies.

Colors: #0091a0


Logo of the Net Holding

Holding operating in the fields of hotel and casino management, real estate development and touristic management.

Colors: #001433


Logo of the Otokar

A company engaged in production in the automotive and defense industry.

Colors: #2a2a2a


Logo of the Park Elektrik

Electricity generation and copper mining company.

Colors: #00599B


Logo of the PETKİM

Major petrochemical company based in Turkey.


Logo of the Rhea Girişim

SME-focused investment trust company.


Logo of the Sabancı Holding

It is a Turkish conglomerate operating in various fields, particularly in the banking, financial services, energy, industry, building materials and retail sectors.

Colors: #004b93


Logo of the SASA

Company engaged in the production and marketing of polyester fiber, yarn and intermediate products.

Colors: #14468c


Logo of the Sinpaş GYO

Real estate investment trust company providing services on housing construction and timeshare projects.

Colors: #bc2066


Logo of the Şekerbank

Turkey-based bank with a particular focus on the agriculture and food sectors.

Colors: #0d7438


Logo of the Şişecam

One of Turkey's largest industrial enterprises engaged in glass production and manufacturing.

Colors: #0099d0


Logo of the Tav Havalimanları

It provides services for various airport operations such as food and beverage services, IT and security.

Colors: #1871b9


Logo of the Tekfen

Organization providing services in different sectors such as construction, engineering, energy, chemistry and telecommunications.

Colors: #003259


Logo of the Tekstilbank

Bank that provides financial services.


Logo of the Türktelekom

It is the largest telecommunications company privatized to manage Turkey's telecommunications infrastructure.

Colors: #08bec9


Logo of the TÜPRAŞ

Turkey's largest industrial company processing crude oil.

Colors: #e64147


Logo of the THY

Based in Istanbul, Turkish Airlines is one of the oldest airlines in the world.

Colors: #E81932


Logo of the TOFAŞ

A company engaged in production and R&D activities in the automotive industry.

Colors: #681f2b


Logo of the Torunlar GYO

Construction is a real estate investment trust company.

Colors: #C8102E, #002854


Logo of the Trakya Cam Sanayii

Industrial company producing architectural glass.

Colors: #0099d0


Logo of the Türkiye Sınai Kalkınma Bankası

Turkey's first privately owned development and investment bank.

Colors: #e63642


Logo of the Turcas Petrol

A company engaged in energy distribution, marketing and investments in the oil and natural gas sector.

Colors: #80bee5


Logo of the Türk traktör

Ankara-based company producing tractors and agricultural machinery.


Logo of the Turkcell

It is one of Turkey's leading telecommunications companies.

Colors: #2855ac, #eeb116


Logo of the Ülker

A company with products in the food industry.

Colors: #e71d36


Logo of the Vakıfbank

One of Turkey's leading banks providing financial services.

Colors: #ffb300


Logo of the Yapıkredi

Turkey's first private bank based in Istanbul.

Colors: rgb(19, 102, 178)

Founded in 2008, FABRIKA 360 is an independent advertising agency specialized in ATL, BTL and branding.

What are the New Logo Design Stages?

  1. Briefing/Interview: First of all, it is necessary to organize an interview with the customer and get information about their demands and expectations, the characteristics of the business and its target audience.

  2. Research: In the light of the briefs you receive from the customer, it is very important to research in detail the market, competitors and target audience of the business you are working with. It would be a logical move to take the necessary notes in line with these researches and get to work.

  3. Concept Development: The design team comes together and brainstorms, many examples are examined, and design ideas are presented. For the ideas discussed, drafts are started to be created digitally or manually.

  4. Design Phase: An original and interesting design is created using computer-based graphics programs for the decided design.

  5. Feedback and Editing: You may need to present the design you have prepared to your customer and make some changes and arrangements based on the feedback you will receive from them.

  6. Completed Graphic Design Presentation: After considering the wishes and demands of the customer and meeting at a common point, the final version of the design is delivered to the customer.

5 Common Characteristics of Perfect Logos

  1. Simplicity: Perfect logos often embody the principle of simplicity. They are clean, uncluttered, and easily recognizable even at small sizes. A simple design ensures that the logo can be reproduced consistently across various mediums without losing its impact or legibility. Think of iconic logos like Apple's apple or Nike's swoosh, which are instantly recognizable due to their simplicity.

  2. Memorability: Memorable logos leave a lasting impression on viewers. They feature unique elements or clever designs that stick in the mind, making them easy to recall. Memorable logos often employ symbolism, distinct color schemes, or clever typography to stand out from the crowd. For example, the FedEx logo incorporates an arrow hidden within the negative space between the "E" and "x", which once noticed, becomes unforgettable.

  3. Versatility: A perfect logo is versatile and adaptable to different applications and contexts. It should look equally impressive whether it's displayed on a billboard, printed on a business card, or scaled down for use on social media. Logos designed with versatility in mind maintain their integrity and impact across various platforms, ensuring consistent brand representation.

  4. Relevance: A great logo is relevant to the brand it represents, conveying the company's values, mission, or product/service offerings. It should resonate with the target audience and evoke the desired emotions or associations. Whether through imagery, color choice, or typography, a logo should communicate the essence of the brand effectively. For instance, the Starbucks logo incorporates a stylized mermaid, reflecting the brand's connection to maritime heritage and coffee.

  5. Timelessness: Timeless logos have a classic appeal that transcends trends and fads. They remain relevant and effective over extended periods, serving as enduring symbols of the brand. Timeless logos often avoid overly trendy design elements and instead focus on fundamental design principles that withstand the test of time. Examples include logos like Coca-Cola's script wordmark or the McDonald's golden arches, which have remained largely unchanged for decades.

How Should an Attractive and Professional Logo Design Be?

A logo is the face of a brand and one of the first things that stands out about your business. That's why having a striking and professional logo is so important in the promotion and marketing of your brand. If you want your logo to look remarkable, it is useful to pay attention to some tricks. First of all, your logo should be simple and understandable. Instead of a logo that looks complicated, a simple logo will give more confidence to the customer. Another important criterion is originality. Having obvious similarities with the logos of different brands or using copy designs will distract you from professionalism. Finally, including fonts, colors and graphical figures that reflect your brand identity in the logo will make you more memorable.

What are the Features of a Successful Logo?

A successful logo carries the distinctive features of the brand. It allows the target audience to easily recognize you. A successful logo is also unique and inspiring. In this way, it stays in the minds of customers. The fact that your logo matches the name, sector and image of your brand and is easily understood by customers shows that you have done the right job.

What is the Difference Between Emblem and Logo?

Although emblems and logos are often used interchangeably, they are actually two different things. An emblem is a design consisting of a symbol or icon. A logo is a symbol using letters and visual elements that contain the name of the organization.

What are the Logo Types?

Logos are divided into different groups depending on their intended use and design.

  • Lexical Logos: Text-only logos that contain the name or acronym of an organization.

  • Icon Logos: Logos defined by a symbolic form or symbol are known as icon logos.

  • Combination Logos: Logos that contain both words and symbols.

  • Emblem Logos: Logos that are often used to officially represent businesses.

  • Independent Logos: These are simple and impressive visual elements that are independent of the organization's name and emblem and represent the brand's identity in a different way.

How Logo Impact Brand Identity?

Logos play a crucial role in shaping brand identity by serving as a visual representation of a company's values, personality, and offerings. A well-designed logo creates immediate recognition and association with the brand, helping to differentiate it from competitors and build trust with consumers. Additionally, logos evoke emotions and perceptions, influencing how customers perceive the brand and its products or services. Consistent use of the logo across various touchpoints reinforces brand identity and fosters brand loyalty over time. In essence, logos are a cornerstone of brand identity, leaving a lasting impression and serving as a powerful tool for brand recognition and communication.What are the Points to Consider When Preparing a Logo?

There are some important points to consider in order to create that perfect logo that best represents your company. It would be useful to keep the following points in mind when creating a logo.

When creating your own logo now, you should be able to reach your target audience and reflect the identity of your brand. The logo you design should be immediately understandable and clear to your audience so that your recognition will increase.Having an original and unique logo will strengthen your brand image.If your logo consists of text, you should choose a professional and legible font. If you use shapes, your color choices should be appealing to the eye and should not be too numerous. Scalability is very important and your logo should be available in various sizes and platforms.

What are the Points to Consider When Preparing a Logo?

There are some important points to consider in order to create that perfect logo that best represents your company. It would be useful to keep the following points in mind when creating a logo.

When creating your logo, you should be able to reach your target audience and reflect the identity of your brand. The logo you design should be immediately understandable and clear to your audience so that your recognition will increase.Having an original and unique logo will strengthen your brand image.If your logo consists of text, you should choose a professional and legible font. If you use shapes, your color choices should be appealing to the eye and should not be too numerous. Scalability is very important and your logo should be available in various sizes and platforms.

15 Best Color Combinations for Startup Logos

The meanings of colors and their psychological effects on people are different from each other. We have compiled 15 of the most preferred and most compatible color combinations that you can use when designing a new logo for your brand.

  • White - Navy Blue
  • Blue - Orange
  • Green - Beige
  • Red - Black
  • Light Blue - Navy Blue
  • Pink - Purple
  • Blue - White
  • Yellow - Blue
  • Yellow - Purple
  • Blue - Green
  • Yellow - Red
  • Gray - Black - White
  • Orange - Pink
  • Red - White
  • Black - White

5 Apps to Design a Logo for Free (5 Free Logo Maker Tool)

To create a logo for free, you can take advantage of the following 5 applications that we have researched and identified for you.


Canva is a platform that allows users to create visual media content such as presentations, posters and social media posts.

Adobe Spark

Developed by Adobe, Adobe Spark lets you create banners, photos, videos, logos and much more.

Logo Maker

A platform that allows users to easily design logos.


A tool provided by Shopify to help you make a logo.


A popular platform that offers users a wide range of logo design options.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Custom Logo Design with Artificial Intelligence Tools?

Artificial intelligence tools are all the rage today because they make things easier and save time. The number of tasks that we can complete with AI is increasing day by day. One of them is getting help with logo design. There are some advantages and disadvantages at this point.

10 Advantages of Logo Design with Artificial Intelligence Tools

  • Speed: Using AI tools speeds up the custom logo design process.

  • Numerous Options: AI tools offer a wide range of colors, fonts, templates, and shapes.

  • Easy to Use: Designing a logo using AI tools is easy, so even inexperienced users can use these platforms.

  • Efficiency: AI helps you work efficiently by offering automatic customization and a fast experience.

  • Low Cost: When you design a logo using free AI tools, you'll save money on your budget.

  • Customization: The logo template you choose can be easily customized using AI features.

  • Unlimited Editing Possibility: It is very easy to reorganize the logo you created with AI.

  • Quick Review: With AI, you can easily review a large number of different examples.

  • Automatic Suggestions: AI provides automatic suggestions for the size, color and style of your logo, giving the designer different ideas.

  • Catching Trends: AI provides current and trending design suggestions.

10 Disadvantages of Designing a Logo with Artificial Intelligence Tools

  • The Originality Problem: Artificial intelligences suggest pre-designed and preferred templates and elements. Therefore, similarity problems may arise.

  • Barrier to Creativity: The usefulness of artificial intelligence may limit designers to work and create original works.

  • Brand and Target Audience Compatibility: Artificial intelligence tools may not clearly understand the characteristics of the brand and the expectations of the target audience. For this reason, a logo that is incompatible with the brand identity may emerge.

  • Insufficient Emotion: A design created by artificial intelligence may contain less emotion and aesthetics.

  • Quality Problem: AI tools can produce simpler and lower quality logos than a successful designer.

  • Limited Customization Opportunity: Although they offer various customization options, AI tools may not provide the desired personalization.

  • Language and Culture Differences: Since AI tools design designs according to a specific language and culture, it may result in an inappropriate result for companies working internationally.

  • Lack of Human Role: Since the logo prepared by artificial intelligence does not have a human touch, it may seem artificial and ordinary to the customer.

  • Limited Output Formats: Since the output formats supported by AI tools vary, the logo may be difficult to use in some environments.

  • Incomplete Aesthetic Understanding: While AI works with a set of algorithms and rules, a logo created by a professional designer will likely be more aesthetic and artistic.

Top 10 Free Artificial Intelligence Tools You Can Use in 2023

Today, there are many artificial intelligence tools that are easy to use and understandable, with various functions that will make your work easier in different fields. We have compiled the most popular and free ones for you.

  • Amazon Alexa: Alexa, the virtual assistant developed by Amazon, recognizes and responds to voice commands and helps you with everyday tasks such as controlling smart home appliances and making calls.
  • ChatGPT: Developed as a chatbot and language model, ChatGPT allows you to find answers to your questions.
  • Microsoft Cortana: A virtual assistant developed by Microsoft.
  • TensorFlow: An open source library for artificial intelligence and machine learning projects.
  • Hotpot AI: Provides users with a set of artificial intelligence tools to generate and edit text, graphics and images.
  • PyTorch: An open source machine learning library for applications such as computer vision and natural language processing.
  • OpenCV: An open source software library for developing computer vision and machine vision applications.
  • Theano: A Python library and compiler for quickly performing numerical computation and defining and evaluating mathematical expressions.Apache
  • Mahout: A project used to produce big data processing and scalable machine learning algorithms.
  • DeepMind Lab: A simulation platform for artificial intelligence research.

How Long Does the Logo Design Process Take?

One of the points that companies that want to have a logo designed for their brand wonder is how long the logo design process will take. This time can vary depending on many different factors such as the quality of communication, expectations, and the professionalism of the designer. If there is effective communication between the designer and the customer, the process will go more smoothly. In the same way, it is very important for the designer to work professionally and in a planned manner and to understand the needs and expectations of the client. Reaching a common decision on the resulting product, receiving and implementing feedback quickly is also one of the factors that shorten the time. While a simple logo can be prepared in a few days, more complex projects take longer. We can say that the logo design process is usually completed between 1 and 4 weeks.

Logo Design Prices in 2024

The prices set for logo design vary depending on many different factors. The level of expertise of the designer, the complexity of the project, the size of the company and the provision of additional services are some of the determining factors. Fees may vary from market conditions and sector to sector. As Edvido, we help you easily contact designers when you need logo design services. The fees determined by the agencies you can review on our website start from 2000₺ and can reach 50000₺ and above.

Factors Affecting the Price of Logo Design

There are some basic criteria for determining pricing in logo design.

  • Size of Project: A complex and detailed logo design will require more expertise and time, so the price will likely be higher.
  • Expertise and Experience: A successful and experienced designer will charge higher prices than a more amateur designer.
  • Delivery and Licensing: Prices may vary depending on licensing terms and the file format in which the logo design is submitted.
  • Feedback and Revision: Revisions may need to be made to the work based on feedback received in discussions with the customer. In cases where a large number of revisions are made, pricing may also increase as more labor and time is spent on the design.
  • Sector Conditions: Logo design The current situation and competition in the sector where the business requesting the service is located is also one of the factors affecting the price.

In this blog, we have compiled the logo design works of successful and valuable companies and startups both globally and in Turkey. If you are looking for a logo that reflects the story of your brand, you can get in touch with the brand agencies within Edvido via the link below and get a price quote.

7+ Ways to Find Logo Ideas

Finding logo ideas can be a creative process that draws inspiration from various sources. Here are seven ways to generate logo ideas:

  1. Research Competitors: Analyze logos of competitors or businesses in similar industries. Note design elements, colors, and typography that resonate with you or seem effective in conveying brand identity.

  2. Explore Trends: Stay updated on current design trends by browsing design blogs, social media platforms like Pinterest or Behance, or industry-specific websites. While it's important not to follow trends blindly, they can inspire fresh ideas or approaches.

  3. Brainstorm Keywords: Create a list of keywords related to the brand, its values, products, or services. Use these keywords as prompts for generating visual ideas. For example, if the brand is eco-friendly, brainstorm related terms like "green," "nature," or "sustainability."

  4. Sketching: Start with pen and paper and sketch out rough ideas based on the keywords and concepts identified. Sketching allows for rapid exploration of different shapes, symbols, and compositions without the constraints of digital tools.

  5. Mind Mapping: Use mind mapping techniques to visually organize thoughts and associations related to the brand. Branch out from central concepts or keywords to explore related imagery, themes, or metaphors that could inform the logo design.

  6. Seek Inspiration from Nature: Nature is a rich source of inspiration for logo design. Draw inspiration from elements like plants, animals, landscapes, or natural phenomena. Consider how these elements can be abstracted or stylized to represent the brand effectively.

  7. Experiment with Typography: Experiment with different fonts and type treatments to create unique logo designs. Explore custom lettering, letterforms, or typographic compositions that reflect the brand's personality and style.

  8. Use Online Logo Generators: Online logo generators like those provided by Canva or Hatchful can offer automated suggestions based on user input. While these tools may not always yield perfect results, they can serve as a starting point for refining ideas.

  9. Feedback and Collaboration: Share your ideas with colleagues, friends, or target audience members to gather feedback and spark new ideas through collaboration. Sometimes, an outside perspective can offer valuable insights and help refine concepts further.

By combining these approaches and remaining open to experimentation, you can generate a diverse range of logo ideas to explore and develop further.

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