Brand Name Generation Tips with AI

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Brand name should attract the attention of the target audience and reflect the brand's identity. So how can artificial intelligence help you come up with a name for your brand

Brand Name Generation Tips with AI


Brands need a memorable name to establish their presence. The name should attract the attention of the target audience and reflect the brand's identity. So how can artificial intelligence help you come up with a name for your brand? By analyzing the meanings, sounds and connotations of words, AI can help you come up with memorable and unique brand names. In this article, we will show you the step-by-step path to brand naming with AI.

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What Makes a Brand Name Memorable?


What Makes a Brand Name Memorable?


Coming up with a brand name for your product is a difficult process. Because the brand name will determine the first impression for the target audience and set you apart from your competitors. Here are some things to consider making your brand name memorable:

1. It should be evocative: A catchy and evocative name will help people remember your brand more easily. You can also attract the attention of the target audience.

2. Memorable: A name that is memorable and easy to pronounce is memorable. For example, you can ensure memorability with a brand name that includes a pun.

3. Simple Spelling and Pronunciation: It is as important that the brand name is easy to write and read as it is to be interesting. For this reason, it is important to go for a name that is simple to write and read.

4. Recognizable: A good brand name can stand out from the others with its recognizability.

5. Must be Protectable: A brand name should be both legally and commercially secure.

6. Visualization: The brand name should also be expressible through symbols, logos or colors.


Brand Name Types

A brand name is the cornerstone of a company or product's identity. It also plays an important role in the success of your brand. So with this in mind, what kind of brand name should you choose? In this section of the article, let's look at the most prominent types of brand names:

- Generic Brand Name: A generic brand name gives a general impression of what a good brand name should do. For example, "" is a generic name that, although it contains information about what it is, it does not arouse interest. Therefore, it puts you in a category.

- Descriptive Brand Name: A descriptive brand name helps to understand what the product or business is, even on first reading. It is a powerful option in this respect. For example, "Burger King" basically describes what the business does.

- Fictitious Brand Names: Creating fictitious brand names requires a bit of imagination. Many iconic brand names today are fictitious. For example, "Google or Kodak". Although fictitious brand names are difficult to understand, they are unique and original. It also makes your brand stand out.

- Personal Brand Name: It is a type of brand name created with a person's name and surname. Its biggest feature is that it creates trust. For example, "Walt, Disney or Bosch" brands can be considered.


How to Find a Brand Name?

Coming up with a good brand name can be an exciting but tiring process. Finding the right name helps you build awareness and memorability. It also helps you connect emotionally with your target audience and stand out from your competitors. You can follow the steps below to come up with a brand name:

1.Know Your Brand:

- Before you give yourself a name, get to know yourself. Why do you exist, what is your purpose?

- What is your vision? How do you want to contribute to the future?

- What is your mission? What are you here to do and how do you create that future?

- What are your principles that define your behaviour?

The combination of these elements affects everything you do, including your brand name.

2.Look at Your Differentiators:

What makes your brand unique? Once you understand this, you have the key to coming up with a brand name. One way to understand what makes your brand different is to get to know your competitors.


Brainstorming is a creative way to come up with a brand name. Write down all the words you can think of about your business. Look at the names of your competitors. You can use meaningful words, mythological figures, historical events or words from foreign languages. In addition, you can get help from artificial intelligence-supported tools as we will discuss in a moment.

4. Evaluate Names:

Brainstorm and evaluate the names you have come up with. You can consider the following criteria during the name evaluation phase:

- Catchy: Is the name easy to pronounce and remember?

- Meaningful: Does the name reflect the values and benefits of your brand?

- Unique: Is it unique and different from your competitors' names?

- Legally protectable: Is it a previously unregistered name? Is it also legally protectable?


5. Testing Phase:

Before moving on to the testing phase, make sure to check whether the name you have come up with for your brand has been registered before. Once you have passed this step, test a few names you have come up with.

- Test a few names you have chosen with your target audience and get their feedback.

- See which name is more popular and how it fits with your brand.

Finally: Considering all the reviews, choose the best name for your brand.

Free AI Brand Name Generator Tools


free ai brand name fenerators


There are different ways to come up with a name for your brand. If finding a brand name using traditional methods is time-consuming, you can use artificial intelligence. AI-powered brand naming tools analyse thousands of words and data, allowing you to evaluate the most suitable names for your brand. Below, we have listed the artificial intelligence tools that you can get support in the brand name search process:

1.Wix: Wix is the first of the artificial intelligence tools that can help you find a brand name. Wix, which is completely free, will help you discover more names than you want for your brand, even if you haven't created a website yet. Wix lets you choose from 21 categories to suit your business. It seamlessly integrates your chosen brand name into your website. In addition to name discovery, Wix also includes a logo generator and domain name checker.

2.Squadhelp: Squadhelp is another completely free artificial intelligence name generator. It provides a list of business names based on a user-generated prompt. Characterized by its user-friendly interface, Squadhelp asks you to enter data in a field that identifies the type of business. It soon provides feedback with a variety of names paired with colours and logos.

3.BrandCrowd: BrandCrowd business name generator works by describing your business using natural language. It then provides a list of eight possible names based on your request. Each generated name is also paired with editable logos and color schemes. You can fine-tune the results according to length or style.

4.Looka: Simple to use, Looka asks users to enter a keyword or industry and select a name up to 20 characters long. By clicking on each name, it allows you to see what the current keyword search volume for that name would be. Looka is free to use and allows you to generate ideas without asking for keywords.

5.Namelix: Namelix is a name generator that uses artificial intelligence to create memorable and brandable names. Simply enter a keyword, phrase or business category as a prompt. It provides a logo design with the chosen name. With a fine-tuning feature, Namelix is completely free to use.

6.Renderforest: Renderforest is a free artificial intelligence name generator that analyzes the information you enter to generate company names and brand suggestions. Renderforest uses natural language to come up with unique online brand names. It also generates a logo for each name.

You can customize logo elements (font, image, palette, etc.). However, you need to register on the website to download it.

7.Panabee: Panabee is an AI brand name generator that allows you to generate ideas from two-word queries. For example, when you enter a phrase like "street food", a list of AI-powered names related to the phrase is generated. It adds a delicate touch to your ideas with reverse spellings, transposed letters or additions.

8.Hootsuite: Hootsuite's free AI brand name generator is simple to use. The AI name generator offers options in a variety of languages, industries, and styles before asking you to enter a description of your business and target audience. Hootsuite is free to use and helps you find the right name for your brand.

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