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Fikir Tasarım Atölyesi, is a 360 degree advertising agency. Creative idea, content production, concept design, graphic, design, video, social media management, Digital PR, digital advertising, operates in the fields of online PR and Influencer Marketing and interactive video. 

Idea, founded in 2007 In addition to advertising and marketing, different teams specialized in their own fields in HR and Education provide services within the Design Workshop.

Sponsored in various fields to universities, Technopolises and organizations such as TEGEP, Make a Wish.

Consulting in the studio setup of companies and also manages their Digital TVs. 

He is especially expert in producing and managing content.

The brands we have touched; 

EVYAP, Vodafone, Turkcell, Atasun Optik, Decathlon, Eczacıbaşı, BC Bonacure, HD İskender, Pegasus, Ray Sigorta, Güneş Sigorta, Garanti Bank, Yapı Kredi Bank, Natracare, Bross, Biletkolik, Fono Film, TMC, Simit Sar bear, Sports International, Osis+, SmartOffice, Indola, Schwarzkopf, Hotel Mercure, TYF, ABC Audit, NewYork Estetik, AnnaGaspi, RHYTHM, LG, KID, Tamek, Paşabahçe, Dost İnşaat, TDSD, Güven Leather, April Precious, TARİŞ, YUMMY, YUMMY, YADA,KOILka Logistics Turkey KOMMY, YADA,KOILka Cargo Logistics Koycak,YADA KAKOIL Kocde Logistics Make A Wish, ISOV, IEFT, Home Made, Orgavital, TİM, Finansbank, Tahincioğlu, Raksan, KFC, Denizbank, Kuveyt Türk, Anadolu Group, Coca Cola. 

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E-Commerce, Insurance, Cosmetic, Retail and Technology Hardware and Equipment experts in their sectors.

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Fikir Tasarım Atölyesi Portfolios

FTA Video & Commercial Film & Animation
findeks Video & Commercial Film & Animation
Bros Socks Video & Commercial Film & Animation
Natracare Social Media Marketing
Technology and Informatics Videos Video & Commercial Film & Animation
Atasun Optical Video & Commercial Film & Animation
showreal Video & Commercial Film & Animation
Innovatech Video & Commercial Film & Animation
INNOVATECH Video & Commercial Film & Animation
Pasabahce Graphic Design
Taris Graphic Design
e-waiter UX/UI Design
LG Digital Advertising
Lacoste Graphic Design
Atasun Social Media Marketing
INDOLA Digital Advertising
BC BonacureBC Bonacureportfolyo
BC Bonacure Digital Advertising
Eczacıbaşı Graphic Design
Sports InternationalSports Internationalportfolyo
Sports International Digital Advertising
Simit SarayıSimit Sarayıportfolyo
Simit Sarayı Graphic Design
TMC MovieTMC Movieportfolyo
TMC Movie Graphic Design
Solar InsuranceSolar Insuranceportfolyo
Solar Insurance Social Media Marketing

Fikir Tasarım Atölyesi Comments

Hande Ozen, Eczacıbaşı Schwarzkopf - Assistant General Manager
It is a pleasant business partner to work with with its high-quality service team that follows innovations and offers different perspectives and alternatives.
Caner Karkin, Pasabahce - Global Trade Marketing Executive
A rare team where creative ideas can be entrusted, catching the idea from the right place and pouring it into the design with a visionary and innovative perspective.
Selda Camlibel, Solar Insurance - Corporate Communications Manager
It makes the life of corporate communication professionals easier with its vast experience, creative approach and customer-thinking service approach.
Merve İpek, Yum!Brands - HR Generalist
Innovative ideas, human focus, and customer satisfaction are a must. Our business partner with whom we work with pleasure.
Ozlem Kalaca Yurdakul, KFC - Chief People Officer KFC Middle East, North Africa,Pakistan, Turkey
It can create the difference you are looking for by integrating you as if it were inside you with you. Professional, balanced sincerity

Fikir Tasarım Atölyesi Services

Digital Transformation
digital media
Brand concept
Brand Consultancy
brand positioning
competitor positioning
brand strategy
corporate brand identity design
Social Media Marketing
360 social media management
content design
visual design
visual line determination
ad management
seo and sem compatible content
artificial intelligence supported social media management
video shooting
ad design
ad shoots
viral ad
youtube tv
Video & Commercial Film & Animation
crew and equipment
greenbox studio
greenscreen studio
whitebox studio
outdoor shoots
indoor shots
product trailer
venue trailer
factory trailer
tourism promotion film
ad production
post production
motion picture production
serial production
after effects
city trailer
educational movie
interactive video
interactive training
desktop movie
youtube ads
youtube channel shots
book trailer
theatrical trailer
Digital Marketing
Digital media full service

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