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We consist of young and dynamic engineers. We combine our imagination with algorithm designs.

Our solutions are customer specific and we have many products in fields of artificial intelligence and system solutions.

Our solutions, are the result of combining academic knowledge with imagination and usability.

Our Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions</strong >


Camera Systems / Computer Vision / Image Processing

By combining artificial intelligence algorithms and standard image processing algorithms, we produce solutions for camera problems we work with. Below you can find some of areas we work on:

  • Object Recognition, Object Segmentation and Object Tracking; Face Recognition applications / Positioning Image and Video Analysis; Assembly Verification / Error Tracking Systems Robotic Applications and Need-specific Analysis Applications

Natural Language Processing Applications

We produce language processing applications tailored to your needs and wishes. We provide chatbot and stack analysis solutions.

Business Intelligence Applications< /strong>

We offer business intelligence solutions that will be shaped by you, where algorithm choices will be processed on the data you want and designed according to your company's needs.

Optimization Applications</p >

We offer these solutions by developing optimization techniques suitable for the problem, and you can use them in your software or platforms. We especially develop Reinforcement Learning techniques, optimization techniques and design problem-specific algorithms.

Data Processing Applications

We offer data processing solutions specific to needs and data types

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Our WEB and Cloud Solutions


Our E-Commerce Solutions

We offer the e-commerce infrastructure you need in a secure and sustainable way, tailored to your wishes. Your platform is created by using the most compatible technological infrastructures for your business by offering options available to you.

Payment methods are designed to be shaped according to customer needs and requests.

Designs of your e-commerce platform are done by our experienced game development design team. While the platform is presented, it is presented with corporate identity designs.

Our Corporate WEB Site Solutions

We offer dynamic website designs suitable for your company's specific corporate identity.

< p>Our Corporate Accounting Program Solutions

We produce accounting management programs in line with demands and needs of corporate companies where Package Programs are inadequate. We offer programs that will increase your special business volume.

Our Corporate Management Program Solutions

We produce company management platforms tailored to your wishes and needs. You can monitor your workload in a regular environment and make it easier to make decisions in order to increase the efficiency of your employees.

Special business intelligence solutions can be added to your requests by making use of our experience in artificial intelligence technologies on management platforms.

Stock Management Program Solutions

We guarantee high business capacity growth to our customers by using Artificial Intelligence technologies in our stock management platforms that we have created. This platform, created in accordance with your wishes and stock features, directly addresses your company needs.

Our Customer Management Program Solutions

You can classify your customers, create policies according to your customers' purchasing behavior. We produce artificial intelligence-based customer management and analysis platforms that are suitable for your needs and you can use specifically for your company.

Our Social Media Management Program Solutions

To gather your social media and marketing tools on a single platform. We produce platforms specific to your company's needs, where you can determine your marketing policies by using artificial, intelligence algorithms.

Our System Solutions (Embedded/IOT/Cloud)


Our Embedded System and IOT Solutions

We offer IOT applications that we often encounter in applications Smart City or Smart Home where we use data analysis and machine learning methods. These systems, which are especially needed in the field of agriculture, are prepared in accordance with requirements of our customers and offered for use.

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Taylan Gold, NORMTECH - Automation Engineer
They are very experienced in automation technologies, artificial intelligence and cloud. We are happy to work with them as a partner company.


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