Social Media Management Pricing: What Are the Costs in 2023?

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Social Media Management Pricing: What Are the Costs in 2023?

What Are The Benefits of Social Media Marketing?

Social media has great power these days. People actively use social media on a daily basis and it is now an indispensable part of their lives. While this is the case, being visible on social media is very important for both individuals and businesses. Social media marketing has many advantages. These are:

  • Increased Brand Awareness

You can reach different and wide audiences with social media platforms. You will increase the awareness of your brand by getting high interaction with the content you will share.

  • Targeted Advertising

In targeted advertising, your brand's ads appear in front of audiences who are likely to be interested in your products and services. 

  • Engagement and Interaction

You receive direct and quick interaction and feedback through your posts on social media. You can easily communicate with your followers and respond to their comments and messages instantly. In this way, the bond between you and your customers becomes stronger and customer satisfaction increases.

  • Competitive Analysis

You can get an idea about your competitors' strategies by monitoring their activities on social media platforms. You can get inspired by them and create new advertising campaigns based on the missing points you see.

  • Affordability

Social media platforms offer organic, i.e. free, advertising options as well as paid ones. Moreover, the prices they set are generally more affordable than other marketing methods.


Factors Affecting Social Media Management Prices

  • Post Frequency

The frequency of content sharing you plan affects pricing. For instance, posting daily will require more creativity, workload, and planning than posting weekly. Therefore, you pay as much as you demand.

  • Quality of Posts

The professional appearance and resolution of the photo and video content you share are other factors that affect the price. Professional and original content will attract more attention from your followers.

  • Post Type

Text, photo, animation, graphics, or video. Prices may also vary depending on the type of content you would like to be prepared. For example, posting a Reel video on your Instagram account will cost more than writing a caption for a post.

  • Number of Accounts To Manage

The higher the number of social media accounts you want to receive service from, the higher the price will be. More accounts bring more workload.

  • Number of Platforms

Likewise, managing multiple social media platforms requires more work as each platform has its own unique features and algorithm. As the number of social media platforms increases, the price will also increase.

  • Content Quality

It is aimed that the contents are understandable and useful to the target audience. By producing quality content, you will satisfy your followers and attract new users. Producing quality content is therefore very important and affects pricing.

  • Content Complexity

Each content is different from each other and includes various preparation stages. Preparing a video or animation content requires more time, expertise, and aesthetic concern than preparing a description text.

  • Analytics and Reporting

If you request detailed analysis and performance reports, this can also increase the price as it takes time.


DIY vs Hiring An Agency

When you take on your social media management individually, both the learning and the process take a lot of time, as social media is a very wide field and requires good algorithm and analysis knowledge. Instead, leave it to the professionals. Working with a social media agency is very advantageous. First of all, you will get help from people who are experts in the field of social media. You save time while you take care of your own business. When you work with an agency, the process progresses in a planned and programmed manner. Remember that an outsider will always be more objective. Your social media accounts will attract attention and grow with original content that will be produced by creative and talented teams.


Things to Consider When Choosing a Social Media Agency

  • Team and Skills

The team you will work with should be closely interested in your demands and expectations. Since you will want to work with talented and dutiful people, you should think carefully before choosing.

  • Experience and Expertise

It will be more risk-free and comfortable to work with agencies that have proven their name and consist of experienced employees. Popular and well-known agencies may charge higher fees because they are more successful.

  • Reputation and Reviews

It will be very useful for you to examine the service experiences and comments of past customers. High-rated agencies have a better client satisfaction rate. You will want to choose them to avoid any problems.

  • Transparency and Communication

It is very important that the agency you work with is open to communication. You should work with an agency that takes your expectations and wishes into consideration, informs you throughout the process, and values your comments. As a result of your cooperation, they should report the process and results transparently to you and help you evaluate it.

  • Reporting and Analytics

Agencies should notify you of effectiveness and results through regular reporting and proper analysis.


Freelancer vs Social Media Agency

Although there are freelance social media managers who do their job successfully, working with a social media agency will be more reliable and advantageous. Social media agencies will offer you a wide range of services, from content production to strategy development. You will be pleased that they manage your social media accounts with their expert team. When you work with a corporate agency, the process will proceed more professionally and transparently. It is also more reliable to work with agencies to find someone in charge when a problem arises.


Comparison of Social Media Platforms for Business Use

Social Platform

Audience Profile




Broad demographic reach

Large user base, robust advertising

Organic reach decline


Younger, visual-oriented users

Visual engagement, influencer marketing

Limited link sharing

X (Twitter)

Youth and young adults, business people, media organizations and politicians

Short-form content (texts), real-time updates, trending topics, hashtags

Limited character, rapidly changing agenda


Visual-oriented users

Search engine function, wide types of videos,  potential for viral reach

Video production is difficult and costly, video content only


Gen Z

Short videos, viral potential, trends

Rapidly changing trends, requires creative content


Business-focused users

Professional networking, recruiting, analyzing industries and companies

Since it is related to business life, it does not appeal to everyone


Which Services Are Included in Social Media Consulting?

Social media consulting services include a number of services. These are:

  • Determining the Target Audience

They help you find your starting point by identifying the regions, age, and gender groups that your brand's products and services should reach.

  • Content Planning and Creation

Agencies create content that is suitable for different social media platforms. They can prepare a content calendar and page layout. You will grow your audience with the new ideas they offer and the content you will publish on your social media accounts.

  • Social Media Audit and Assessment

They help you develop strategies suitable for your target audience by identifying your strengths and weaknesses. They make evaluations by examining your followers on your social media accounts and the interactions you receive.

  • Strategy Development

They measure the effectiveness of your strategy and suggest changes as needed so you can keep up with the changing trends and innovations every day.

  • Competitive Analysis

By examining the accounts of your competitors, they catch important points and come up with new ideas.

  • Hashtag, Agenda, and Trend Analysis

Agencies carefully examine different agendas on different platforms, follow trends, and highlight your posts with the right hashtag usage.

  • Network and Collaboration

They can help you communicate and even collaborate with strong profiles in the industry and on social media.

  • Crisis Management

Social media management agencies have the knowledge and experience to manage your social media accounts in a possible crisis.


Social Media Platform Demographics in 2023

Social Platform

Dominant Age Group


25-54 years


18-34 years


18-34 years

X (Twitter)

18-29 years


15-35 years


18-24 years


18-29 years


25-34 years


18-34 years


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