AI in Digital Marketing: The Ultimate Guide

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Discover how AI is transforming digital marketing. Learn how businesses use AI tools to enhance content creation, improve customer engagement, and automate tasks. This ultimate guide by Edvido will help you leverage AI to boost your digital marketing strategy and stay ahead in the competitive market.

AI in Digital Marketing: The Ultimate Guide

Nowadays, artificial intelligence is everywhere we look at. From performing daily tasks to helping us prosper in business, it is inevitable that we will benefit from the magic of AI. As in every area, artificial intelligence is a popular digital marketing tool. It helps business owners perform and maintain digital marketing strategies while they save time and energy.

AI enhances the content creation process by generating articles, improving user engagement, and expediting the workflow.

In case you want to ace your game in the digital marketing competition as a business owner, keep reading this article. Edvido curated the ultimate guide for you, filled with the most useful information when it comes to utilizing the gift of AI in your business strategies.

How Companies Are Using AI in Digital Marketing?


How companies use AI?


Many companies benefit from the gifts of AI while planning their digital marketing strategy. Digital marketers use AI tools to improve marketing efforts and reduce administrative work. AI performs various key tasks for brands’ digital marketing tactics through software and programs. If you are a brand owner looking for ways to spice up your digital marketing game, you are on the right page.

Marketing teams utilize AI to scale operations, improve ad targeting, and automate tasks such as content generation and scheduling.

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What Is AI in Digital Marketing? 


What is AI in digital marketing?


Before delving into AI in digital marketing, it is useful to have an idea or two about what artificial intelligence is. In short, artificial intelligence lets machines think and act like humans. From data collection to natural language processing and machine learning, artificial intelligence performs numerous tasks that evolve each and every day. With a mixture of human intelligence and machine automation, artificial intelligence makes things simpler for us humans in many areas.

Digital marketing, on the other hand, is using digital mediums such as mobile devices, apps, social media, and web pages to create brand awareness and promote products and services. Digital marketing addresses a wide range of activities varying from content writing to implementing chatbots on your brand’s webpage.

AI-driven data analysis provides deep insights, enhances customer engagement, and aids in understanding customer behavior for marketing and personalized ad targeting.

In today’s age, where social media and technology dominate the ever-changing trends, it is quite challenging for marketers to keep up with the competition. AI in digital marketing helps marketers save time by automating human tasks and exploring more tactics in digital marketing. Without a doubt, AI is your strategic partner in taking your digital marketing game to the next level.

How Do Companies Use AI in Digital Marketing?


How do companies use AI in digital marketing?


Using artificial intelligence in digital marketing strategies gives business owners and marketers the upper hand in the fierce competition among today’s brands. AI makes complicated and time-consuming tasks much easier for marketers today.

AI improves customer experience through personalized content, customer support, and automated marketing campaigns.

AI operates based on machine learning and automation. One of the key steps of digital marketing is a thorough data and audience analysis. First and foremost, companies utilize AI technology in their digital marketing strategies to receive observations and data regarding their competitors and target audience.

Varying from improving user experience to creating compelling copies for brands’ web pages, AI technology can be trained to perform many essential tasks for digital marketing strategies.

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AI in Digital Marketing Pros and Cons

As with everything, there are both advantages and disadvantages to using AI in digital marketing. It is better to know it thoroughly before planning your digital strategy and beware of any obstacles.


  • Knowing Your Customer Behavior: Keeping track of your customers’ behavior and performing efficient audience analysis are keys to coming up with an effective digital marketing strategy. Using an AI system gives any company the upper hand in having detailed data on audience behavior and using it to make the right choices while appealing to potential customers.

  • Insights Into Customer Engagement: Evaluating customer engagement is another important aspect to make sure that your digital marketing campaign goes as planned. Artificial intelligence makes it easier for your data analysts to gain real-time insight into customer engagement, impressions rate, and how often your customers interact with your digital content.

  • Individualize Your Ads: Not every advertisement creates the same impact on different groups of people. It is best to personalize your ads and target them wisely with the help of customer behavior analysis. Digital marketing makes it much easier for you to divide the target groups of your ads and appeal to your audience accordingly. AI doubles this advantage by helping you save time and energy while individualizing your ads and choosing the right group of audience for the right campaign.

  • Improved Optimization and Efficiency: Even though you work with the best team, AI provides you with real-time optimization, lets you be alert and tweaks your digital marketing strategy if needed, and ensures that every penny spent worth it.

  • Efficient Social Media Campaigns: AI saves time and effort in producing content for social media campaigns and allows for quick pivots and launches. This advantage extends to automating tasks and processes, making it easier to manage and optimize social media campaigns effectively.


  • Data Privacy: While professionally keeping track of your customer behavior, AI inevitably depends on your customer data. Though its access to customer data is often a benefit for boosting your digital marketing strategy, the heavy use of AI sometimes paves the way for concerns about data privacy.

  • Absence of Human Interaction: Though AI genuinely mimics and even exceeds human intelligence, automation might give cold feet to some customers. For instance, many people complain about interacting with AI-based chatbots when they have an issue with the service they receive and look for human emotion and interaction. At times, the absence of human interaction and lack of human touch could be a barrier to your brand’s reliability.

  • Technical Complexity: AI is still new and an ever-evolving technology that renews itself each and every day. Thus, in order to successfully implement AI into your digital marketing strategy, you have to have a group of tech experts in your crew. At times, obstacles regarding technical expertise could return you as bad impressions rather than taking your digital marketing game to the next level.

  • Ethical Concerns: While trying to perform the best to attract your potential customers by integrating AI into your digital marketing strategy, you must be aware of potential ethical issues worthy of further attention. It is best to keep in mind that AI software utilizes machine learning with the data that is given by humans. Every AI technology comes with the threat of biased, unethical, or inaccurate content that would cause controversy.

AI Digital Marketing Tools


AI digital marketing tools


If you have read this far, you are already interested in benefiting from the advantages of AI in your digital marketing strategy. AI plays a significant role in social media marketing, including influencer marketing and creating relevant content, which helps engage with your target audience and improve customer satisfaction. There are many AI-supported digital marketing tools that will ease things for you and let you save time, money, and energy while converting your viewers to loyal customers. From companies to freelance digital marketing strategists and digital marketing agencies, sector professionals utilize AI digital marketing tools to experts in marketing.

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  • AI in Marketing Visual Creation

Visual creation is by far one of the most engaging tactics for making your digital marketing strategy special. Visual stimulation attracts the viewer more rapidly than being exposed to written material. From your brand logo to webpage layouts and promotional posters, visual creation lets your audience get to know the gist of your brand and products.

There are many AI marketing tools that are beneficial in supporting companies with visual creation. Using machine learning and text-to-image technology, AI-supported programs can create images out of input. Thanks to a short brief or a few expressive keywords that give away what you want to represent to your audience about your brand, AI comes up with the best promotional visual creation. This way, graphic designers save time while sharing their creativity with artificial intelligence.

Some well-known, reputable, and successful creative assistants are Midjourney, Figma, and Canva. However, the power of AI in visual creation for marketing strategists is getting more and more popular each and every day. Thus, it is possible for you to reach out to a wide range of AI tools and software that will help you capture and portray the true essence of your work.

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  • AI in CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a pretty significant part of your marketing strategy. You can ensure steady contact with your potential and ongoing customers and customer satisfaction through an efficient customer relationship management plan. Artificial intelligence makes it easier for you to enhance your customer interactions.

When you embed AI into your CRM strategy, it gives you the upper hand in tracking data and making decisions accordingly. From collecting your audience behavior data to following sales trends and creating customized marketing tactics for your customers, AI helps you optimize your customer relationship management.

  • AI Chatbot Applications

Chatbots are smart assistants that provide your customers with support whenever they need it. Chatbot applications can be implemented on your webpage or mobile applications and can be reached by users when your customer relationship specialists are out of reach. AI technology made it much simpler for you to build yourself a smart assistant that helps you respond to your audience’s questions. With this virtual tutor, your customers will find answers whenever they need assistance using your products and/or services.

AI technology has evolved so much that today’s chatbots know how to perfectly mimic human reactions and emotions. Rather than being cold machines that sound unfriendly, your chatbots know how to communicate with your customers in the right way as a perfect personal assistant.

  • AI in Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is a vast concept addressing many parables that all work to enhance your brand awareness, boost your sales, and take you one step ahead in the competition. As the name calls it, digital advertising requires your marketing game to be executed through online channels such as social media platforms, streaming platforms, and web pages. With its rising dominance and popularity in today’s technology age, AI does wonders in digital advertising.

There are many tasks in which you can implement artificial intelligence technology into your digital advertising tactics. The main goal of digital advertising is to ensure customer satisfaction, which AI makes possible through various apps and software that ease the burden for your crew’s professionals. From operating data analytics and providing you with valuable data sets to visual and textual content creation, from customizing your content for effective targeting of the audience to helping you with automated email marketing tasks, AI technology is everywhere for you to enhance your brand recognition in the right way.

If you are a digital marketing agency wanting to gain more expertise in optimizing your client satisfaction or a brand that is looking for a simple and highly automated way of guaranteeing efficient digital advertising, you can take a look at our article on the best and recent AI digital marketing tools, an extensive list that sums up the details of AI tools in digital marketing.

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  • AI in Content Marketing

Content creation is yet another significant aspect of ensuring you have the best marketing strategy among your competitors. With on-point, top-notch content that is tailored just right for your target audience, you manage to speak for your brand in the most effective way.

Content marketing is an extensive term that addresses the overall tasks of creating and publishing virtual and textual content on various digital platforms through which you can communicate with your audience.

From generating taglines for your brand to helping you create compelling visuals that promote your services, AI helps you by providing you with creative and customized content. There are many AI-powered content creation tools that your marketing specialists could benefit from. Moreover, AI technology develops rapidly over time, and your content does not lack originality and authorship; it comes rather with extra creativity and expertise.

If you do not want AI to take full control of your content, you can also benefit from it while trying to find the best design language or the true sound of your branded copywriting. At times, it might be difficult for you or the content professionals in your crew to put a finger on the best idea that would truly represent the gist of your brand. Even your best copywriters could deal with writer’s block, or your most innovative graphic designers could feel stuck with the same ideas wandering around. At times like this, AI-powered content creation tools help your crew by offering a different perspective and pushing them out of the box.

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  • AI in SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a must for making sure that your content is featured on the Internet and reaches the right audience. Both in search engines and social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, optimizing your content is the first step of an efficient digital marketing strategy.

Artificial Intelligence helps you optimize your content in the most SEO-friendly way. Many SEO tools are out there for agencies to check and ensure that your content is on the right track, reaching the right group of people, and getting the desired impressions. AI-powered SEO tools are your best strategic guides, from researching your keywords to increasing your traffic. If you are interested in receiving a piece of in-depth information on AI in SEO and taking a look at various SEO tools with different criteria and pricing options, do not hesitate to take a look at our recent article on top-notch SEO tools for agencies.

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  • AI in User Experience (UX)

User experience is a digital marketing term that refers to the overall interaction between the user and a product, website, or platform. In order to enhance user experience, you should go for user-friendly software and layout design that will make things much simpler and seamless for your audience as they get to know your services.

Integration of Artificial Intelligence into your UX design gives you the upper hand in enhancing your user engagement. AI could perform many tasks that are based on collecting data and executing data-driven tasks. Using AI helps you easily eliminate the redundant steps in your UX design process, ensures automation, provides you with predictive analytics based on your customer behavior data, and helps you thrive in decision-making.


AI Digital Marketing Tools at a Glance

AI Application Areas Description Examples and Benefits
Visual Creation AI tools assist in creating engaging visuals such as brand logos, webpage layouts, and promotional posters using machine learning and text-to-image technology. - Tools: Midjourney, Figma, Canva - Benefits: Saves time for graphic designers, allows for creative collaboration between human designers and AI, rapidly produces high-quality visuals based on brief inputs or keywords.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) AI enhances CRM by tracking data and making informed decisions to improve customer interactions and satisfaction. - Tools: Various AI-powered CRM software - Benefits: Collects audience behavior data, tracks sales trends, creates customized marketing tactics, and optimizes customer relationship management.
Chatbot Applications AI-powered chatbots provide smart assistance to customers, answering questions and providing support in a human-like manner even when customer service representatives are unavailable. - Benefits: Ensures 24/7 customer support, improves user satisfaction by mimicking human reactions and emotions, and reduces the workload on human customer service teams.
Digital Advertising AI aids in digital advertising by analyzing data, creating visual and textual content, customizing content for effective targeting, and automating email marketing tasks. - Benefits: Enhances brand awareness, boosts sales, ensures customer satisfaction, and streamlines various advertising tasks through AI-powered apps and software.
Content Marketing AI supports content creation by generating taglines, visuals, and textual content, helping brands communicate effectively with their audience. AI tools also assist in finding the best design language and sound for branded copywriting. - Tools: Various AI-powered content creation tools - Benefits: Provides creative and customized content, helps overcome writer’s block and creative stagnation, and offers new perspectives to push content professionals out of the box.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) AI optimizes content to ensure it reaches the right audience through search engines and social media platforms, increasing visibility and impressions. - Tools: Various AI-powered SEO tools - Benefits: Helps in keyword research, increases traffic, and ensures content is SEO-friendly, acting as strategic guides for digital marketing agencies.
User Experience (UX) AI enhances UX design by automating tasks, providing predictive analytics based on customer behavior data, and helping make informed design decisions. - Benefits: Simplifies UX design process, eliminates redundant steps, ensures automation, and enhances user engagement and satisfaction through data-driven insights.


What Is the Future of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing?


Future of AI in digital marketing


Artificial intelligence seems to have an ever-increasing effect on today’s marketing strategies. With the undeniable benefits of real-time data tracking, data-driven decision-making, automation, and a creative mixture of human creativity and machine learning, AI continues to evolve and transform marketing strategies at a rapid pace. 

Even when AI use is not wholly appreciated, many marketing professionals choose to implement AI technology into their creative process as a third-eye strategic guide. In previous years, AI has evolved into a must-have knowledge in planning marketing strategies rather than an ambitious and futuristic goal. 

Despite all the ongoing controversy surrounding the implementation of artificial intelligence in marketing concerning ethical issues, the lack of human touch, creative block, and data privacy risk, AI keeps renewing and optimizing itself each and every day in a fashion that refutes all concerns. It seems that applying AI-friendly technology in numerous steps of digital marketing, from target audience analysis to small tasks such as automating the publishing of daily content on your social media accounts, will be an indispensable step for marketing professionals in the upcoming years. On top of all that, AI promises much that marketers cannot envision at the time. 


Successful AI Marketing Campaigns


Successful AI campaigns


With its rising popularity and rapidly developing and renewing features, AI has already taken place in some of the most successful marketing campaigns today. Many marketing specialists know how effective it is to benefit from AI-generated tools in developing innovative ideas to ace their marketing game. Most of the time, combining AI automation with human intelligence does wonders when it comes to memorable advertising campaigns that stay with the audience for years. 

Coca-Cola’s latest AI-powered campaign is a nice example of an interactive and creative use of AI. The renowned beverage brand invited people to participate in a design contest called “Create Real Magic,” which could be reached via the brand’s AI-powered web app. Out of numerous AI-powered designs, chosen ones would be featured on Coca-Cola’s digital billboards in New York. With this marketing campaign, Coca-Cola both strengthened its brand awareness and let people enjoy an interactive experience with the magic of AI. 


When it comes to customized solutions, the world-famous streaming platform Netflix is among those that come to mind first. Netflix aims to optimize the user experience by making its audience feel special. Whenever an individual user scrolls through the Discover page on Netflix, the app shows them special content curated just right for them, inspired by their previous choices. While doing so, Netflix implements AI technology that lets the brand track and collect customer data to enhance customer satisfaction. With the help of AI analyzing user behavior, Netflix is able to recommend the right content to its users at the right time and attract more impressions. Click to examine the discover page of Netflix.

Nike’s “By You” campaign is another innovative example of AI use in marketing that also encourages users to participate in establishing brand awareness. By clicking on the “Customize” button on the webpage, the users can design and order their personal Nike Air Force. This marketing campaign makes the customers feel unique, and their style choices cared for. While giving the users the freedom to make a shoe for themselves from scratch and experience the design details, Nike benefits heavily from the AI-powered technology that turns the famous brand’s webpage into a makeover game. Click to discover Nike's By You campaign.


Comparison Table of Successful Marketing AI Campaigns 

Features Coca-Cola - "Create Real Magic" Netflix - Personalized Content Nike - "By You"
Campaign Type Design Contest Personalized Content Recommendations Product Customization
Campaign Name Create Real Magic Personalized Content By You
Objective Strengthen brand awareness and offer an interactive experience with AI Enhance user experience and satisfaction by offering personalized content Allow users to design their own products, enhancing brand engagement and personalization
Target Audience General audience, creative individuals Individual Netflix users Nike customers, fashion enthusiasts
AI Implementation AI-powered web app for design creation and selection AI analyzes user behavior and preferences to recommend content AI technology to facilitate product design customization
Interactivity Level High – Users create designs and can see them on digital billboards Medium – Users receive personalized content based on their behavior High – Users design their own Nike shoes
User Engagement Users participate by creating and submitting designs Users engage by viewing and interacting with personalized content Users engage by customizing and ordering personalized products
Outcome Selected designs featured on digital billboards in New York Increased user satisfaction and engagement through tailored content Enhanced user satisfaction and unique product experience
Brand Benefit Increased brand awareness and engagement Improved customer retention and satisfaction Strengthened brand loyalty and customer engagement


What Are the Challenges and Concerns in AI-Driven Digital Marketing?


AI challanges in digital marketing


Despite the inevitable rise of AI-powered digital marketing tools, software, and strategies, there are ongoing challenges and concerns about AI-driven digital marketing, as with every blossoming technology. 

Most challenges regarding digital marketing software founded upon AI address ethical concerns. Since AI relies heavily on customer data to optimize data-driven decision-making, several concerns arise regarding privacy and data security. Considering that AI is trained by inputs given by humans, there appears to be a risk of bias in the making of AI algorithms, which would pave the way for false information to be distributed. 

Another concern about AI-driven digital marketing is that it encourages the use of machine automation to an extent that the human touch might be missing. In case of depersonalization, the marketing tactics might rather sound distanced and not compelling enough to attract the viewers. Thus, this concern requires marketing specialists to keep the balance between human intelligence and machine automation at an optimal level. 

Another concern about implementing AI-friendly software into digital marketing tactics is that the use of AI requires marketers to constantly keep up with the latest developments and the rapid evolution of Artificial Intelligence technology. Though the need to stay relevant is a worthy challenge in the long term, it might be energy-consuming and pricey for your marketing team to perpetually update their skill sets, knowledge, and technical expertise on how to properly implement AI technology. 

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