1. Users who approve the edvido.com/en user agreement and the businesses for which users create requests on their behalf are deemed to have approved the publication of their logos and brand information on the edvido.com/en website and social media accounts under this agreement.

  2. Users and member agencies who enter and register on the site agree and declare that the email address and other personal information they provide are accurate. edvido.com/en is not responsible for the accuracy of the registration information provided during the site registration.
  3. Users and member agencies accept that the information and content they enter on the site are not confidential or private. edvido.com/en reserves the right to use the information and content entered in public areas.
  4. Site membership is personal only. It cannot be transferred or sold to another person or institution. In such cases, edvido.com/en may suspend the account of the mentioned user or member agency.
  5. Members cannot share works that belong to others on the site. They declare that all brand and usage rights belong to them. The member agency is responsible for any disputes that may arise otherwise. edvido.com/en cannot be held liable for copyright infringements of the content and works entered by the member agency on the site. It is also not responsible for controlling such situations.
  6. Unless our user voluntarily shares their contact information, the member agency cannot use the user data obtained through edvido.com/en for commercial purposes.
  7. At the end of the job, the user can comment on the job. At the end of the job, the user can rate the member agency.
  8. Users and member agencies registered on the site cannot publish any documents, videos, or images that are not their own and have commercial purposes. They declare and accept that all information, documents, videos, or images published in the listings have their copyright and usage rights.
  9. In the event of a breach of this agreement, the user or member agency causing the breach will cover all losses and damages of the injured party.
  10. edvido.com/en issues invoices for the income it earns in return for its services. Invoices are issued to member agencies only for realized sales commissions and subscription fees. Since edvido.com/en does not buy or sell products or services, it does not issue VAT invoices for products sold on the site.
  11. According to the applicable tax regulations and practices, users may be required to pay taxes as a result of transactions carried out on edvido.com/en. edvido.com/en is not responsible for these or similar situations. All tax liabilities that may arise are the responsibility of the member agencies.
  12. edvido.com/en reserves the right to remove users or member agencies from the system without any warning if deemed necessary.
  13. edvido.com/en is not responsible for any problems or errors that may occur on the site due to technical malfunctions.
  14. edvido.com/en undertakes not to market or provide the personal information and email addresses of users registered on the site to any person or institution other than edvido.com/en in exchange for money or any other consideration.
  15. The site operates at:Barbaros Boulevard, Balmumcu Neighborhood, No:26, Apt:8, Beşiktaş/Istanbul