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Cool Digital is a project development and software company that has been in the industry for 9 years and has signed more than 250 projects with teams from all over the world, from global giants to determined entrepreneurs. With its world-class service, it has been awarded a total of 15 awards in the past 1 year.


Cool Digital today is a project house serving start-ups, small businesses and enterprise-level companies simultaneously. It offers tailor-made web-based and mobile applications with its team of expert developers, designers and business and marketing professionals. Cool Digital, develops the projects they are involved in starting from the idea stage together with its experienced and talented team. They turn these ideas into groundbreaking projects. As Cool continues to operate in Turkey, America and Europe; they help people realize their dreams.


In addition to the design and software services it provides to companies, Cool Digital has also developed its own products for the benefit of many companies by analyzing its markets. The ideas they developed turned into companies, and they became startups with their own customer base. 11Sight; one-click video calling solution has more than 9000 users and operates in 4 countries. It is a product selected as the best in its field by important institutions such as Gartner, IT Governance, IDC and TiEcon. Turkey's first cookie Permission management platform, Efilli currently operates in more than 1200 domains and meets more than 700 thousand people every day. Magnus, Turkey's first academically approved robo-advisor with its own algorithm, has been integrated with 3 financial institutions so far and has successfully closed its first investment round.


All project owners who want to develop and keep up with change can reach the Cool Digital team at!

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