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B2Press,, which started its activities in 2016, offers you all the PR services you need as "service, based in the Netherlands (Utrecht). You just need to pay for the package you choose, without having to pay a monthly flat fee or subscription fee for each service.

  • Press release in 23 languages, 30 regions, more than 100 countries provides service.
  • Manages your exclusive news, interviews and advertorial works in more than 1000 channels.
  • Analyzes your competitors` PR work and makes suggestions

Depending on the scope of the package you choose,, we gather all three stages of the press release (Writing, Distribution,Reporting) under one roof. Based on the brief we received from you, the press release is written by our editorial team of former journalists. In the distribution phase, in addition to news agency and media lists, submissions are made from partner sites and networks. Then, a detailed media analysis report is sent at regular intervals. With our approach that prioritizes news value, we achieve reflection in many media and we guarantee this in all of our packages.


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Technology Hardware and Equipment, Health, Finance, Software and Retail experts in their sectors.

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Digital PR
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